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The City of Chicago doesn’t have to suspend driver’s licenses over ticket debt. They chose to. Tell them to knock it off.

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The License to Work Act eliminates driver’s license suspension as a penalty for non-driving violations, including:

o Falling behind on payment of tickets, fines, fees, or tollway violations
o Being judged to be a “truant minor”
o Criminal trespass to a vehicle, and a handful of other non-driving violations

It also allows an individual whose license was suspended under any of these provisions to have their license reinstated.

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When licenses are suspended for failure to pay parking tickets, individuals, employers and communities suffer.

Living in Suspension Consequences of Driver’s License Suspension Policies  |  february 2018 | Chicago jobs council report




If you, or someone you know, has had their driver's license suspended for non-driving violations, contact us today. We would love to connect, hear your story, and learn how the loss of your license impacted you .

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