License to Work Headlines


Media on Driver’s License Suspensions & Excessive Vehicle Ticketing


4/3/2019: Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Unpaid parking tickets won’t keep drivers off road under bill

4/1/19: WBEZ 91.4 Chicago: Chicago’s Towing Program Is Broken

3/29/19: Sun-Times, “Lightfoot wants to give the boot to the Denver boot for non-moving violations

3/28/19: WBEZ 91.4 Chicago: “Lightfoot Proposes Scaling Back Boots And Red-Light Cameras

3/27/19: Illinois News Network: “Bill to allow those behind on fees, fines more chances to keep license advances”

3/20/19: WBEZ 91.5 Chicago: 20 Questions With Chicago's Two Mayoral Candidates

3/19/2019: Press Release, Aquino moves to prevent driver’s license suspensions for unpaid fines

3/12/2019: “Hope For People Who Had Licenses Revoked Due To Unpaid Tickets”

3/11/2019: Block Club Chicago: “Questions About Chicago’s Ticketing Fines And Fees Practices? Ask The Clerk On Monday”

3/6/19: Citizen Weekly: Supreme Court Ruling Could Be A Turning Point For Fines and Fees In Chicago

3/4/19: ProPublica Illinois, “The Ticket Trap: Front to Back

3/1/2019: Cook County Record: “Class action: Chicago trying to use parking tickets to offset losses from 2008 sale of meters on backs of poor”

1/25/2019: WBEZ 91.5 Chicago: “How Chicago’s Ticketing System Can Ruin Someone’s Life”

1/25/19: ProPublica Illinois, WBEZ, “Everybody in Chicago’s Mayor’s Race Says They Want Ticket Reform

1/22/19: Sun-Times, “Preckwinkle vows to revamp overly punitive ticketing policy targeting minorities

1/?/19: ACLU Illinois, “Chicago Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire

1/7/19: WBEZ, “Chicago Seized And Sold Nearly 50,000 Cars Over Tickets Since 2011, Sticking Owners With Debt


12/21/18: Block Club Chicago, “Wards With Majority Black, Hispanic Residents Get The Most Parking Tickets From Police, New Analysis Shows

12/19/18: ProPublica Illinois “The Ticket Trap

12/6/18: ProPublica Illinois, WBEZ, “Chicago Task Force Will Take on Ticket and Debt Collection Reform

12/6/18: Chicago Tribune, “City panel to review whether changes are needed to Chicago's fines, fees and collection practices

12/4/18: The 21st Show, Illinois Public Media, “23,000 Duplicate Vehicle Tickets Dismissed

12/3/18: CBS Chicago, “City’s Promise To Throw Out Thousands Of City Sticker Violations Still Unfulfilled

11/29/18: ProPublica Illinois, WBEZ, “Chicago Throws Out 23,000 Duplicate Tickets Issued Since 1992 to Motorists Who Didn’t Have Vehicle Stickers

11/29/18: ProPublica Illinois, WBEZ, “Duplicate Tickets Issued Since 1992 to Motorists Who Didn’t Have Vehicle Stickers

11/14/18: ProPublica Illinois, WBEZ, “Chicago City Council Approves Modest First Reforms On Ticketing And Debt

11/13/18: ProPublica Illinois, WBEZ, “Top Chicago Alderman Adds to Growing Momentum for Ticket and Debt Reform

11/8/18: WBEZ, “What San Francisco's Reform Of Fees And Fines Can Teach Chicago

?/18: CBS Chicago, “City Dismisses Sticker Violations

10/29/18: Sun-Times, “Getting the boot: West Loop leads city in cars clamped, but South Side also high

10/25/18: CBS Chicago, “Disabled Woman’s $15,000 Van Wrongly Declared Abandoned, Sold For Scrap; ‘It’s Just Very Infuriating’

10/23/18: Sun-Times, “Vehicle sticker changes: grace period, scofflaw amnesty — and maybe, lower fines

10/23/18: ProPublica Illinois, “Chicago City Clerk Calls for Reforms of Vehicle Sticker Program

10/22/18: Sun-Times, “Parking ticket writing stabilizes; vehicles getting booted drops by 10.5 percent

10/9/18: CBS Chicago, “Where Do Drivers Get Most Red Light Tickets In Chicago?

10/1/18: CBS Chicago, “South Shore Man Goes On A Mission To Reduce Parking Ticket Fines For Neighbors

10/1/18: CBS Chicago, “2 Investigators: South Side Neighborhood Gets Lots More Parking Tickets Than North Side

10/1/18: CBS Chicago, “Police Officer Caught Driving The Wrong Way To Give Out Parking Tickets; ‘It’s Dangerous, And For What?’”

8/27/18: WGN, “Man says car was towed after ‘No Parking’ sign was put up after he parked

8/24/18: Chicago Tribune, “On city sticker fees and fines, mayoral candidates blast Emanuel's policies

8/24/18: Chicago Tribune, “Mayoral candidate forum: How to address the disparate racial and economic impact of Chicago's parking ticket system on the African-American community?

8/23/18: ProPublica Illinois, “Download Chicago’s Parking Ticket Data Yourself

8/17/18: Chicago Tribune, “Sticker shock -- Mayor Rahm Emanuel should be ashamed of the unconscionably high price of failing to renew a City of Chicago vehicle sticker

8/9/18: ProPublica Illinois, WBEZ, “What’s the City of Chicago Doing About Its Problem With Duplicate Sticker Tickets?

8/2/18: Chicago Reporter, “Chicago’s predatory tickets and fines exploit low-income drivers for revenue

7/27/18: ProPublica Illinois, “The “Terrible” Consequences of Chicago’s Ticketing Policies

7/26/2018: ProPublica Illinois and WBEZ: "Chicago Hiked the Cost of Vehicle City Sticker Violations to Boost Revenue. But It’s Driven More Low-Income, Black Motorists Into Debt."

7/26/18: WBEZ & ProPublica Illinois, “Chicago Hoped To Generate Millions With Expensive City Sticker Tickets. It Didn't Work. Only one in three of these $200 tickets get paid.”

7/18/19: Tribune, “Lawsuit: Chicago's 'minor' traffic tickets shouldn't carry big fines

7/17/18: Sun-Times, “City exceeding $250 maximum penalty against thousands of motorists, lawsuit says

7/17/18: WBEZ, “Suit: Chicago Should Refund Drivers Hit With Expensive Tickets

7/17/18: Chicago Reader, “Cops slammed for ticketing black cyclists: ‘It’s about the police harassing people’”

7/13/18: WGHC Mama Dee Speaks, Interview with Woodstock

7/12/18: The Root, “If You Live in One of Chicago’s Black Neighborhoods, Stop Reading This and Go Check on Your Car

7/9/18: WTTW, “WBEZ, ProPublica Investigation Reveals Thousands of Duplicate Tickets

7/3/18: ACLU Illinois, “New Report Shows that Excessive Tickets Target Poor People and Minorities, not ‘Scofflaws’”

7/3/18: WVON Cliff Kelly Show, Woodstock Institute was interviewed about The Debt Spiral report

6/28/18: WBEZ Morning Shift, “Duplicate Ticketing Sends Drivers Into Bankruptcy, Costs City Money,” coverage of “Three City Sticker Tickets on the Same Car in 90 Minutes?”

6/27/18: Ford Collaborative, including Woodstock Institute, Enforcing Inequality report

6/27/18: ProPublica Illinois & WBEZ, “Three City Sticker Tickets on the Same Car in 90 Minutes?

6/23/18: Sun-Times, “EDITORIAL: Let’s dig deeper before going easier on ticket scofflaws

6/22/18: Sun-Times, “City urged to go easy on scofflaws after study shows minorities bear the brunt

6/22/18: Univision, “Según un estudio, zonas conformadas en su mayoría por minorías son más propensas a infracciones de tráfico

6/21/18: Woodstock Institute, report: “The Debt Spiral

5/4/18: WGHC Mama Dee Speaks, Interview with CJC, Woodstock, and COFI

5/15/18: Chicago Appleseed, infographic: “Driven into Debt

4/25/18: Reason Magazine, “Chicago Is Trying to Pay Down Its Debt by Impounding Innocent People’s Cars

4/16/18: WBEZ, “The Dubious Finances Of Chicago’s Winter Parking Ban

3/26/18: Journal Star, “Peoria seeks state help to tap $800,000 in unpaid parking tickets

3/16/18: Illinois Public Media, “How Parking Ticket Debt Punishes Black Drivers In Chicago

3/15/18: ProPublica Illinois "Some States No Longer Suspend Driver’s Licenses for Unpaid Fines. Will Illinois Join Them?"

3/15/18: Chicago Jobs Council, report:  "Living in Suspension"

3/15/18: ACLU Illinois,  "Undue Driver's License Suspensions are Ruining Lives"

3/6/18: NPR Marketplace, "Parking tickets are bankrupting Chicago residents"

3/2/18: ProPublica Illinois, "She Owed $102,158.40 in Unpaid Tickets, but She’s Not in the Story"

2/27/18: ProPublica Illinois , "The Many Roads to Bankruptcy"

2/27/18: ProPublica Illinois, video: "Going Bankrupt Over Ticket Debt in Chicago"

2/27/18: ProPublica Illinois & Mother Jones, "How Chicago Ticket Debt Sends Black Motorists Into Bankruptcy", Mother Jones article, here.

2/12/18: WBEZ, “When It Snows, Chicago Police Ticket Minority Communities More

2/12/18: Chicago Tribune, “Black neighborhoods still see most bike tickets, police data show

2/5/18: ABC 7, “Residents say city demanded payment for old, bogus parking tickets

1/31/18: Chicago Reader, "New report spotlights debt afflicting women in low-income black and Latino communities", coverage of COFI's report

1/1/18: COFI, "Stopping the Debt Spiral"

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