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Community organizations, business leaders, and worker advocates are raising a united voice against excessive driver’s license suspensions. Join our business supporters with this letter today.


To Our Elected Leaders and Policymakers,

We respectfully submit this letter of support for the License to Work Act. We want the best for our communities, our employees, and our companies. That’s why we support ending driver’s license suspension as a penalty for non-driving violations like parking tickets.

When the licenses of good drivers are suspended, we all pay. Individuals can become trapped in cycles of debt, which can impede their ability to focus at work. We scramble to fill shifts when people can’t get to work. Sometimes, we’re forced to replace good workers. We want to do business in a stable, predictable environment, and it can be difficult to do that when our workers and their families have driving abilities taken away without good reason.

The current law does not reflect our priorities, as businesses, or as people. When individuals are left with no way to get to work or bring their kids to school besides driving illegally, it also puts an unnecessary burden on the criminal justice system. We would like to allow the police, courts, and justice system to prioritize keeping our roads, communities, and workplaces safe. And we would like to see good drivers prioritize getting to work, bringing their kids to school, and moving past what’s on their record.

We hope you’ll consider the common sense solutions in the License to Work Act. Please support



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